Altor Wealth Management

Website, Blog, Brand Guidelines, Email Signatures, Business Cards, Internal and External Document Branding


I was contacted by Altor Wealth Management to discuss a complete rebrand and overhaul of their existing website and content. I was tasked with cleaning up the company's existing logo, as well as creating a new colour palette, typography, and brand guidelines document. As part of the rebrand process Altor needed new email signatures, business cards, PowerPoint presentations, social media banners and imagery, as well as internal and external document branding. I set about building the company's brand around the mountain imagery found in their logo. I went for a strong, clean aesthetic and a typography to match. I used a primary colour palette of purples to help the brand stand out against competitors in their industry.
Altor wanted to incorporate their charitable foundation, The Altor Foundation, into their new website with it's own colour palette and brand imagery which still functioned aesthetically alongside the main Altor brand. I chose to go with a secondary palette of greens and blues for The Altor Foundation as it worked well with the main Altor brand and drew upon the Foundation's core message of sustainability and climate responsibility.
Altor run a number of blogs from their website which meant I had to create a homepage for these blogs to live, as well as create separate blog pages depending on topic. 
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