L'amour De Poulet (2012)
L'amour De Poulet (Chicken Love) is a 3-minute animated short film exploring the theme of love, procreation and the resulting trails that arise along the way. The animation was made using traditional hand-drawn cell animation techniques with programs such as Toonboom Animate Pro & Adobe After Effects.​​​​​​​
Writer, Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator/Background Designer
2012 - Best Animation - AFDA (South Africa)
Screenplay By: Nikita House (née. Nielsen) & Jaclyn Maistry
Directed & Animated By: Nikita House (née. Nielsen)
Produced By: Nicole Brandt
Edited By: Andrew Diesel
Sound Design By: Renier van Niekerk
Music By: Samuel Du Plessis
Visual Effects By: Damien Hes
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